Why You Should Consider Building a Two Storey Home

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We recently had a chat with some builders in Perth about the benefits of building a custom home. In this read, we are going to dive a little bit deeper into that aspect and show you why you may want to consider a custom two story home.

So, here are reasons why you may want to build a double story home:


One if not the most important factors that determine whether you should go for a two story home is the size. Do you have a small plot and do not like the size of one storey? Well, the answer is clear, double it!

A double storey on a smaller or a narrow plot of land has an array of benefits which include an increase in the size of the backyard. Land and house prices continue to rise, and with the availability of larger plots becoming limited, two-storey homes have seen an increase in popularity.


Building a double storey home can save you a significant amount of money than constructing a ranch of the same size. The main reason is the reduced size of the foundation, roof structure, and the roof. By reducing the size of the foundation, the costs of the slab or basement floor, waterproofing, foundation footings, and the foundation drainage system go down. Ideally, the framing required for the roof, including beams, rafters, sheathing, trusses as well as roof material is reduced. The savings that go from building a double storey home is usually 15-20%.

Life Stage

Your life stage can also have a significant impact on whether you choose to erect a single or double storey home. The advantages of a double storey home in regards to this point include the potential for bigger rooms as well as a functional layout. You may choose to have the bathrooms and bedrooms upstairs which offers more privacy and the living area downstairs which is excellent for open living. Also, if you have a small plot of land and need a big backyard for your kids, a double storey would make more sense.

Reduced Footprint

If you have looked at lots to build your custom home one, then you know how important it is to determine the size of property than can fit on that plot. Local regulations dictate how close a house can be built on the plot line make up what is known as building envelope. The larger the home footprint, the larger the building envelope will need. In some cases, it is a good idea to build a double storey house that reduced the overall home footprint by 50%. Also, if the lot has trees, fewer of them will need to be cut if you decide to build a two-storey house.


Another great benefit of building a two-storey home is the improved views. Building up will increase the vantage point. So, whether you home overlooks a ravine, a mountain or an ocean, a second floor can open up some eye-pleasing views. You will certainly get to enjoy the surrounding beauty.