5 Tips for Making Your Basement Useful

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The basement of a house is one of the areas often left neglected. Yes, nobody sees your basement except the members of your family; and you don’t bring visitors to the basement. But it still has to look good; it still has to feel comfortable. It still has to be useful. Here are five tips to help you turn your basement, whatever size it is, to something useful.

1. Laundry Area

This is the most popular use of basements. If you choose this option, make sure that you turn the space into something pleasant to look and be at. For example, use painted concrete for the floor and deck out the walls. Put shelves, curtains, paintings, and other décor. This will help liven up the room.

2. Home Gym

Don’t have time to go to the gym? Why not make one in your home? Renovate the basement a little (i.e. add padding to the floor, install an exhaust fan, etc.) and buy workout equipment and machines. You can start with a treadmill, a stationary bike or spin cycle, some barbells and dumbbells, and a kettlebell. Be sure to add one or two yoga mats that you can use for cooling down. You can even have a gym party and invite friends for a fun afternoon of workouts!

3. Recreational Room

The basement is a good choice for setting up a recreational area. Place your TV (flat screen or not), video games, game consoles, computer, and your audio/home theater system in your basement and you’ll have a grand time watching your favorite films and playing endless video games! Organize a TV/movie marathon or a gaming sleepover, and your fun will be complete!

4. Bedroom/Guest Room

If you are fond of entertaining guests, you can turn your basement into a guest room. So when you have friends and relatives visiting for a few days, they’ll have a comfortable room to stay in. It can also be a bedroom for one of your teens. Just make sure it is well-ventilated, has good lighting, a reasonably sized bed, and some additional furniture.

5. Playroom

Turn the basement into a playroom for your kids. This way, you won’t need to worry about any of them falling from the stairs. Again, just be sure the room is properly ventilated. And don’t forget to put a small couch where they can rest when they get tired.