Custom Garden Gate Ideas

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Garden gates are a great way to introduce your home to people. They can also say a lot about you when you have them custom made. If you are considering a custom garden gate, there are a number of ideas that you should consider.

The Urban Cool Gate

If you are looking for a garden gate that stands out, but also radiates an urban cool vibe, you should look at a sliding gate. Sculptural sliding gates are a great way create a stylish backdrop for your garden and showcase your love of art. You can also make them from recycled material which makes them better for the environment.

Of course, it is important to note that these gates will generally be expensive. You will need to find a custom garden gate provider who is able to make the gate that you want. These companies will generally charge more than the standard gating company.

If you want to go down this route consider Skilled Fencing:

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Mixed Materials

Another custom garden gate that you should consider is a mixed materials gate. This gate could have a wooden frame, but a metal interior. These gates offer a quirky feeling the home as the materials will often contrast.

One of the benefits of mixed material gates is that they can also be made with recycled materials. You can get sheet metal for the middle and reclaimed wood for the frame. You can also customise the materials in any way that you want.

A Revolving Gate

One of the most unique custom garden gates is a revolving one. These gates will generally be large and will work best when you have a high wall or fence around the garden. When you open the revolving gate, you will have a clear entrance the garden and you will not have to worry about the gate slamming shut. These gates are generally made with a metal frame and wooden panels.

Asian Aesthetics

You do not have to live in Asia to get the benefits of their architectural style. Asian style sliding wooden garden gates can offer a unique entrance. These gates will generally work best if you have an Asian inspired garden. If you do not, these gates might seem out of place and you could lose the attraction of them.

Wrought Iron Gates

The ultimate in custom gates is a wrought iron gate as it is generally easier to come by and there are many ways that you can customise it to suit your home. These gates will not offer the most in terms of privacy, but they can have the best aesthetics. A problem that you might have with these gates is that modern wrought iron gates are not actually made of iron and are generally powder coated steel.

Wrought iron gates do require maintenance which is something that you need to consider. When you are customising the gate, you can choose the design that is used with the most common being leaves, animals and flowers. You can also have geometric shapes on your gate if this is what you would like.