Crucial Accessories to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Pressure Washer

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If you have purchased a pressure washer you are indubitably familiar with the time and energy savings a bit of mechanical genius can afford you. This is a good time to take your efficiency to the next label with a wide assortment of accessories carefully crafted to specific jobs.

Following is an overview of some of the most effective Pressure Washer Accessories available today:

Multipurpose Tips– The most obvious first choice should be the multipurpose tip. These can be adjusted to provide a 45° angle that can clean off wider areas. Then they can be reduced to the 0° angle option and the pressurized spray focused on a single point.

Larger projects like cleaning the car, truck or boat will be much easier with the wider angle an equally pressurized approach of the 45° spray. When it comes to cleaning out grouts, cracks and crevices in stone work or just attacking the dirt deeply embedded in your ATV tread, you will want the concentrated force of the 0° spray. While the standard nozzle can address all of these needs, you will notice the job is significantly easier with the correct pressure washer accessory.

The Telescoping Wand — no matter how tall you may be, there is always something out of reach. Be it vinyl siding higher on the side of the home or any other out of reach location, a telescoping wand can increase your cleaning capacity by as much as 24′. So, the top of an RV, upstairs drainage gutters and the roof can all be addressed by any sized human.

Rotary Turbo Nozzles — When it comes time to get tough on stubborn dirt and grime, you will want the awesome power of turbo rotary nozzles. The secret to the cleaning power of these rotary turbo nozzles is how they spin while they work. This adds incredible scrubbing power to their pressurized approach. The final result is a design that improves the cleaning power of the pressure washer by as much as 200%. This kind of cleaning power will make short work of the filthiest patios, garage floors, driveways and any other large flat area that could require cleaning.

Pressure Washer Hose (Extra Long) — the most obvious accessory that will improve your pressure washing capacity is the pressure washer hose. The most common extension adds a full 15 ft. of distance between you and the pressure washer. That’s more than enough room to set up, clean the entire wall and then move on to the next location. (so long as you have the proper electrical cord length). Pressure hoses can be purchased up to 100 ft. long for extensive reach. Be sure to take a note of the PSI from your hose before making a purchase. The wrong hose specifications can lead to a serious disaster.

In Conclusion — the pressure washer you use can be greatly improved with the correct set of accessories. Consider what you would need in relation to the cleaning projects you undertake.