4 Tips to Help Your Garden Grow

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A garden can be the center of attraction in your front or backyard. It can also help provide your daily nutritional needs from the vegetables and fruits that you plant. A home garden has many more uses, but these are the essential ones. If you are hesitant about growing a home garden because of the expenses it entails, you’re worrying too much. You don’t have to spend a lot to make your garden grow and look beautiful. There are several simple ways to make sure that you grow your garden successfully.

1. Go with a small-sized garden first.

It is always wise to start small. Don’t overdo things by creating a large garden plot as this can be too challenging or difficult to tend to. You can always start with one or two small plots and then as you progress and gain more experience, add more space to your home garden. Doing this will help you tend to your plants properly.

2. Choose your plants wisely.

Do not choose plants you are not familiar with. Rather, choose the ones that are most popular and familiar to you. Choosing unknown plants can lead to unexpected expenses as you have to find ways to keep them strong and growing. The best thing to do is choose plants that love the sun for a garden in an entirely open area. For gardens that are a bit shaded, look for plants that can thrive under a shade.

3. Be sure that your potted plants have good drainage.

What you can do is put a layer of Styrofoam peanuts under the each pot as this is an effective drainage technique. Be sure to measure the Styrofoam peanuts against the pot so that it will fit well. Aside from providing good drainage, this will also help make your pots easier to move around.

4. Practice mulching.

Mulching is defined as using plant residues to reduce water evaporation and soil erosion. The residues or materials are placed on the soil’s surface. Make sure that you mulch regularly (or as needed) so your garden will have a good amount of moisture while the weeds are taken out. Mulching also helps provide nutrients to your plants.