4 Tips for Decorating A Condominium Unit

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For a lot of people, condo units are practically living options because they are usually located in a building with 24-hour security, they are comfortable, and they provide extra amenities like gyms and swimming pools. Most condo units are also cozy and functional. You can do anything you want with them, especially the ones that are turned over to you bare. If you’ve just moved into or are about to transfer to your first condo unit, here are four simple but helpful decorating tips you can follow:

1. Draw out a plan.

Yes, even if you are “just” decorating a condo unit, you need to have a plan. You need to have an idea of what you want in your unit and how you want things arranged. It will help if you have a copy of the floor plan because you can then determine which areas are bigger and which ones have smaller spaces. After this, you can plan what kind of appliances, furniture, and décor are to be used for each room or area.

Now, here come the decorating tips…

2. Choose a color scheme.

What color are your walls? You can choose to go with the original colors, or you can change them according to your preference. For a relaxing effect, go with neutral colors and some shades of pale blue and light green. Blue and green are calming colors. If you choose white, be sure to add a splash of bright colors in some areas – like a little red, some blue, and a dash of yellow.

3. Maximize condo space by choosing multi-functional furniture.

If your condo unit has limited space, maximize what you have by selecting multi-functional furniture like a footstool that can also serve as storage space or a sofa that can be turned into a bed. If your budget permits, hire someone to create custom-made furniture and decorative pieces for you. This will give you the freedom to design multi-functional items.

4. Make sure your condo has plants.

If your unit comes with a balcony, use this space to create a small garden. Choose to go with indoor plants and herbs. If you don’t have a balcony, simply place potted indoor plants in key areas of your condo, such as the living room and the bathroom. Adding plants to your unit will make it feel more homey and natural.